miercuri, 16 iunie 2010

You deserve love !

Life is very simple. What we choose to think from moment-to-moment creates our experience. Lets start with a positive thought: "I release with love, all criticism of those who have hurt me,including myself". HOW DOES THE ABOVE POSITIVE THOUGHT FEEL? No matter what unhappiness you have in your life –look for moments to laugh at life. I believe to help us change positively, we need good information that helps us know we deserve love and this begins by learning to love ourselves, so we attract love and forgiveness into our daily experience of life. We need to know for ourselves the qualities of patience and gentleness so we can love ourselves a little more each day. Do be gentle with yourself, especially knowing that you don’t have to be perfect to grow and change. All you need is to be willing to APPROVE of you just as you are now so that the changes you make will be positive. SELF- CRITICISM always blocks growth because you always have to find something or somebody to criticise, usually yourself.
So the first thought is to let go all criticism of self and others.
TIP: Saying hundreds of positive present tense affirmations each day is a simple step to loving ourselves. At every opportunity; at the kitchen sink, at work, while cleaning, say “I love you.” This dissolves old negative messages. You and I are born unique miracles of love, yet we get disconnected from this love in our early years, often due to the limiting beliefs of those who parented and mentored us.Nobody else can learn our lessons or realise our dreams for us. When we leave the planet after one day or a long lifetime, the only thought we can take in our heart and soul is ‘LOVE.’ We choose thoughts each moment of every day we are here. Often these thoughts are of hate, criticism, guilt and fear, which return to us multiplied as experience. Yet if we choose to love our selves from a place of deep respect, we dissolve these barriers and we re-learn that we are all miracles. Then we can use the unique miracle we are, to love and heal life on this planet.
Every thought we think is creating our future!

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